Friday, October 30, 2009


  After years of using thundernplane as my handle, I decided to change it.  thundernplane was derived from my dog thunder, my first initial and one of the things I love most, flying.  Originally used as my AOL handle, it had capitals T and N making it ThunderNplane, back when my parents got a brand new computer with windows 98!  The idea was a handle that was fitting for me and had multiple meanings.
  More recently, I've been concerned about the simplicity of my handle, and was thinking of ideas that portray me better.  GuruPilgrim came as the perfect combination of ideas.  Guru, originally meaning a mentor in Hinduism or Buddhism, the word guru has come to mean anyone who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in some area.  I am in NO WAY associating myself with these false religions, but rather embracing the ideas of learning, wisdom and authority, and integrating them into my way of life.
  Pilgrim is the idea of a never ending journey.  In one way, I am a pilgrim in this world, never home until I reach the skies.  In another way, I will continually be in a state of learning until I die.  This mentality comes from an experience where I could not think for hours at a time.  Loosing the ability to think is a horrible experience.  I have come to cherish my mind, to use it and work it, to keep it healthy.
  That is the story of my new handle and why I chose it.  This blog (if I continue to be dedicated to it) will focus on the ways that I use my mind;  like a journal of my thoughts.  Here I will say things and introduce Ideas as often as I have them, without  throwing any thought away as unacceptable.  I encourage you to think of your mind in this same way, and comment on both good AND bad ideas as you read.


MoonShaw said...

And ideas come to you very often, my friend!
Really, I thought that your name was Thunder And Plane because you liked flying in a storm. Don't ask me why. It's what I first thought when I saw your e-mail address.

Ivorydancer said...

Hello Nathaniel! I just wanted to thank you for following The Music Of Friends! I like your blog and I'm following :)