Saturday, May 22, 2010

Learning beyond

I have turned a page in my life.  I've made the decision to focus on studying even more than ever.  This means less time for friends, family, recreation and hobbies.  The reason for this is the sheer scale of information that I want to learn.  The motive is a passion for the subjects that I'm studying.
   I've broken my study into four groups.  Stewardship, Guruship, Study A and Study B.

Stewardship - From a Biblical basis, the concept of a steward of the Lord.
  Studies include
       • Memorizing Bible verses
       • Studying concepts in the Bible
       • Preparing Bible stories and lessons

Guruship - A combination of a guru in a technical sense, and a guru from ancient martial practices.  One who holds knowledge, a student on his way to mastering a concept studies under a guru.  Guruship carries the concept of a journey or a path to becoming a guru.
  Studies include
        • Logic
        • Mind Control (may change to psychology at some point)
        • Writing skills (music, lyrics, poetry, speech)

Study A - Foundational study.  Subjects that are considered essential in certain fields.
  Current study includes
        • Computer Hardware Fundamentals for CompTIA  A+ certification
        • Website design fundamentals currently focused on Javascript

Study B - Extracurricular achievement.  Subjects that will help build a solid future.
   Current study includes
        • CISCO
        • Design (currently focused on AutoCAD)

    One thing I have learned about studying in the past few months is the need to be focused on a single subject at a time.  So, to reach a goal as diverse as mine requires some out of the box thinking.  By breaking the subjects into categories, it is easier to focus on one category at a time.  One day I might focus on study A, and even though there are two separate subjects in study A, they work together very well and it is easy to jump from one to the other.  If I was to study CISCO and computer hardware in the same day, (unfortunately this is the schedule at school) I would be focusing on two different subjects with similar content at the same time. This has proven very challenging.
    The same would go with studying Web and Design.  Web incorporates design, so the ideas would overlap and become confusing.  Fortunately, it is easy to study both stewardship and guruship along with one of the study categories.  These are dissimilar concepts and work well together.

    How do you study?  What ideas have you come across or developed for making studying easier?  Please share in the comments!


Danit. said...

I love your organization! You're an example in this aspect for me.
Now that I've finished High School I have started a project similar to yours about studying and learning for this summer.
I need to organize myself, 'cause in the same way as you, I want to learn many things in not much time, and this next summer is gonna be quite busy for me, with many different activities for my family's ministry (camps, VBS, etc., you already know).

I'm praying for you and hope to see you soon.

Please pray for me while I'm getting ready to go to college. I won't be going to the USA, at least by now, I'll be starting a degree at a public university here in Spain, but I'd like to go over to your country next year or in two years God's willing to study Bible for at least a year in a good christian university.

I hope to hear news from you soon (you've got my email ;), my family'll be glad to hear from you).

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Your friend,
Dani Pinyol

Danit. said...

Hey Nate, It's me again, now I'm writing not a letter to you as I did before, what I'm gonna do in this message is expose a question and secondly a thought.

First, here goes the question.

How's your project of going to Venezuela going? Are you still doing stuff related with planes or something?

And now, here it goes the thought, or better said, something that my father told me which I consider that's certainly wise and as it is related with knowledge, which is something that you've been talking about quite a bit on this blog, I want to share it with you.

My father told me that the three subjects you should study all your life because they can be considered the main basis of human knowledge are in this order Theology, Philosophy, History and afterwards all the other studies such as science, languages, psychology, etc.

And well, that's it, that's all that I had to say to you by now.

See ya :).

Dani P.

veronica elise said...

I've always got to organize my goals, too. If I don't, I get pretty overwhelmed.

Danit. said...

Mr. Nathan Moss! Are you still alive? :O
I haven't known nothin' of you for a really long period of time! Hope you're doing great; also hope you've read all the comments and e-mails i've wrote you, and also hope you haven't forgotten how awesome is to speak català!
Que Déu et beneeixi molt, bon amic!