Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quality of life is exponential, begin to pursue wisdom, and the rest will follow.

This year, instead of an elaborate new years resolution, I get the chance to move from one world to another. My last day at Sunoco is New Years Eve, and my first day at Architectural Testing is the 3rd of January. As one door closes, another opens and I begin to develop my self and my skills in a new direction.

This phrase dawned on me today as I began to ponder this massive change in my life. Whatever our goal, whatever our purpose and passion, that will be our end. If we simply try to be orderly, clean and stable, that will be our life. If we slack in any area, it will be exponentially detrimental to us because it will carry over into every other area of our lives.

If we simply pursue a clean, healthy and orderly lifestyle, every part of our lives will be touched by this pursuit.

Let that be your resolution for the year 2012 as it is mine.

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Danit. said...

Thank you for sharing this thought.