Thursday, November 26, 2009


  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  This year, Thanksgiving means something to me that it never has before.  God has blessed us all in so many ways!  The past few months have been treacherous for me with school, work, karate, church, personal projects and maintaining some sort of social life.  This week especially is teaching me to stay humble and focused on what He would have me do.
  We as people get so engulfed in our lives that we overlook the little things.  Why don't we say thank you when we wake up to a beautiful new day?  Why don't we say thank you when we wake up to find it's one of the worst days of our lives?
  WHAT??? Did I just say to be thankful for the worst day of your life???


  God has a purpose for everything that He allows to happen.  And if you really think about it, the hardest day of your life actually did help you become a stronger person.
  What are you thankful for?  Just things like family, friends, relationships and turkey?  Or do you thank the Creator for teaching you and building you into the person you are now?

Tell what you're thankful for in the comments.


Danit. said...

I love your blog Nate!

Dani P.

veronica elise said...

I second Rachel and MoonShaw. I often find that I forget all that God has blessed me with. I start to take things for granted after a while.