Monday, November 23, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 is out!

  I just upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop.  It's truly amazing!  The last version of Ubuntu didn't find all the drivers I needed, so some of my favorite webapps like Pandora and Grooveshark didn't work.  The upgrade included all the drivers that were missing and my laptop now runs faster than ever!

   I've always been a big Vista fan, but after seeing what linux can do, I think I'll be delving into different distros and learning my way around.
  Catalan language support is great too.  All the menus and controls are translated well, which is something I've always wanted to do in order to help myself learn the language.

  Find out more about linux distributions and Ubuntu.

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Singlomerado said...

Yes, Ubuntu includes a support for catalan since 8.04 or before, I think so.
Is great to have the computer in the own language.