Monday, December 7, 2009

The Declutter Room

I had an idea about a month ago for a room in my dream house.  That idea has been the basis of a lot of thought surrounding organization.  The room, which I call the clutter room (or declutter if you choose), is simply a room that every new piece of paper, mail, or other odd object that causes clutter in a house, must enter before it gets put away.

  Why? you ask.  Well, if all the clutter is confined in one room, the rest of the house would be immaculate!  All that would be left to do is organize the clutter room.
  I currently live in two smaller rooms in my parents house, so I don't have the option of turning a room into a declutter room.  I do have the option of building as miniature version of a declutter room, a declutter table!
  What do I need for this?  The following is a list of the things I think I need to include.  What do you think?  Am I missing something?  Tell me in the comments.
  • Trash can
  • Place for a stack of full size sheets of paper
  • Place for unopened mail
  • A set of small shelves for stacks of little notes
  • A door on the bottom for a small storage compartment
  • Place for scattered pens, paper clips, pins, or other office related little things
  • Place or rack for CD's
  • Shelf for books
  • Several small compartments for change
  • The section for the undefined... a place to put anything that has no place
So how do you deal with clutter?  What are some ways to cut down on clutter without spending a great deal of time doing so?


Stephanie L.S. said...

Intersting idea...
We put everything in a gets kind of annoying though when you want to find something.

LSEP said...

A chair is missing on your list.

I believe Nature abhors a vacuum and like to study the laws and order that exist in Chaos, so I know a great deal when it comes to cluttered spaces... and I have found that a chair is a valuable asset. I personally use it for books (lots), tons of bits of paper, and anything you can think of that I refuse to get rid of but am not going to use in a hurry, such as awkward musical instruments or baby elephants. Mostly big things that you couldn't put in a CD rack.