Saturday, January 23, 2010

A status webapp for Geeks

  Some people have more than one computer!   Some have up to three or four that they use on a daily basis.  So what do we do when we have 10 people to talk to, and we're on 2 out of 3?  I think us hard core geeks need a new web app.

  This application would be web based and be located at a single url... then you could install gadgets for facebook, twitter, and other profile pages, which automatically update in an increment that you define.
  Ok so here's how this works...  when you set it up, you configure each computer you use, then the application knows when you're online and with which computers.  It also knows what applications you have running, so like say you're on facebook but not MSN messenger, anyone that sees this app will know where you are.  You could also set priority levels on separate applications, so say you like Skype more than AIM, people would know what you prefer, and if they have it, probably use it first.
  Is it a good idea?  Would you use it?  Or better yet, if someone else had it, would it effect the way you communicate with them?


Anonymous said...

Definitely. If I had a friend who had it, it would help out a lot!

Kissa's Kreations said...

I agree and would love it! I have 2 desktops and a laptop upstairs that I mainly work on. (Using Input Director to use one mouse and keyboard.) But I also briefly use the desktop or the laptop downstairs.